If you are an independent validator who cares about decentralization and the future of the crypto industry we would love to hear from you!

Our aim is to get a small, committed group of stakeholders together to engage in free & open dialogue, as well as build programming so that SDL may sustainably address issues of decentralization in today's Proof-of-Stake ecosystem.

How to Join

  • Join our Discord server:

  • Respond in the #i-wanna-join channel with the following:

    • Your Name
    • Name of the SDL Member that referred you (tag them please!)
    • Your company, project, or what you're working on
    • Names of any Networks you've run validators on
    • One or two sentences on why you're interested in SDL
    • Favorite fruit! (emoji's preferred)
  • After you send your message. An SDL member will reach out. SDL Members approve new applicants at our bi-weekly meetings (Thursdays).

  • If you're approved, you'll be asked to add your company logo or digital signature to our Formation Charter. Once added, we'll elevate you to member status and invite you to all SDL Member channels, including the members only server.

  • If you have any questions along the way, please sound off in the questions channel or DM one of the SDL Council Members

Look forward to meeting you!